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Our Services

  • Independent Medical Examination

    • PIP

      No fault examination requested by the insurance carrier to determine medical necessity and causation of past, present and future treatment arising from a motor accident.

    • Liability

      Defense examination requested by the client to determine permanency and causation of an injury arising from a traumatic event.

    • Workman's Compensation

      Examination requested by the client to determine medical necessity and causation of past, present and future treatment as well as ability to return to work, arising from a work related injury.

  • Expert Record Review

    Peer Review, Appeal, Addendum, Medical Director Review or Decision Point Review for any personal injury claim, requested by the insurance carrier, to determine permanency, causation, medical necessity of treatment, ability to perform activities of daily living and ability to return to work.

  • Radiology Review

    Review and report of any diagnostic studies including X-Rays, MRI's and Cat Scans.

  • Bill Review

    Re-price erroneously used CPT codes, adjust charges to fee schedule and/or usual and customary charges based on geographical area. Carve out unrelated or unnecessary charges from a provider's bills.

  • Pennsylvania PRO Services

    Pursuant to an Order by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, we strive to remain an independent, unbiased party when performing Peer Reviews. Our records are kept in the strictest of confidentiality. We endeavor to focus on the reasonableness and necessity of care, the appropriateness of the setting in which care is delivered and the quality of care rendered. We will not comment, review or look into any other aspect of a Peer Review even if specifically requested to do so; nor can Peer Review Services be combined with any other service offered by Claims Alliance, LLC. Click here to submit a Peer Review request.

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  • PO Box 268, 262 Somerville Road, Bedminster, NJ 07921
    201.373.2254 | 1-516-210-6005

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